Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cloudless but gloomy

I miscarried you. I brought you along until I could do so no longer. Despite all my good intentions I lost you by the wayside and it tore me up. It broke me down. I felt the pieces tear away from me.

And last night I had a dream that the rain poured down so fast the ground disappeared beneath my feet and suddenly I had to swim everywhere because I just couldn't get there any other way. And while the sun shone hard on my back as I made my way through the water, I knew everything covered by this new sea. I knew what streets lay hidden beneath me and I made my way through them just the same; turning right and left and stopping as I would now for a cup of coffee at Modelo.

But then the sun evaporated the sea and everything went back to normal. I was standing outside my house, returned from a crazy ride and dropped again. Left alone. Because in leaving you you left me, too.